Storm Marble

Storm Quarry, Origin of a Dance of Dark and Light Lines in the Heart of the Earth
storm marble block
Benefits of choosing STORM marble

Storm Marble features

Storm Marble is a stunning natural stone with a deep black base dramatically contrasted by flowing white and smoky gray veins. This captivating design evokes a moonlit night sky with crashing waves. Skilled craftspeople can use Storm Marble to create luxurious and timeless pieces like countertops, slabs, wall panels, and even flooring.

The Extractable Reserves

Our dedicated quarries with extensive Storm marble reserves ensure a long-term supply of this precious marble for your peace of mind.

Unparalleled Quality

Srorm marble, with its unique veining patterns and captivating colors, adds a touch of unparalleled elegance to any space. Its high density and exceptional compressive strength make it an ideal choice for both construction projects and interior design.

A Legacy of Expertise

Decades of experience in extracting and processing marble have made us one of the most trusted suppliers in the country. Our expert team provides you with the best with our deep knowledge and practical experience.

Voonid is proud to be a producer and supplier of Storm marble

01. Unparalleled quality

Our Storm marble is extracted from the finest quarries and processed with precision and delicacy.

02. Reliability

We are committed to our commitments and will deliver the marble you need on time.

03. Excellent customer service

Our team of experts will be with you throughout the process of selecting, purchasing, and shipping Storm marble.

Storm marble slab

Physical characteristics of Imperial Marble

Water Absorption1%
Specific Gravity98%
Compressive Strength99%

Proud to introduce our new high-quality product to you, the valued fabricators and builders. Contact us to learn more about Storm marble and to receive a free consultation.

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