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Specializes in production of premium natural building stones.

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Leading the Way in Global Natural Stone Trade and Distribution

Authority in logistics

Dominant Force in International Transportation and Logistics

Stone quarrying

Voonid Leading Name in Natural Stone Quarrying, with Exceptional Active Quarries

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Production of high-Quality natural building stones.

Quality and Precision in Every ‌block

We quarry natural stones with love and respect for nature. This love and respect for the environment and nature encourage us to provide high-quality products and standards. Our goal in this activity is to create products that, like works of art, bring the beauty and value of nature.

imperial balck marble block

Imperial Marble

Imperial Marble is an attractive choice for those who appreciate elegance. This stone is one of the most beautiful stones in the category of shiny and dark-colored stones, giving a luxurious and warm look to the environment.

marlik marble block

Marlik Marble

With great pride, we introduce Marlik marble, a high-quality marble stone with a serene and captivating light cream color. This exquisite product is not only an emblem of beauty and craftsmanship but also a symbol of rich history and culture.

Storm Marble block

Storm Marble

Storm Marble is a real beautiful scene, with its deep black background and irregular waves of white and gray. It’s an excellent choice for luxurious spaces, and the material’s texture gives it a high level of susceptibility and glossiness.

Voonid Supply Chain

The Voonid supply chain relies on its high-quality quarries in Dehbid and Neyriz (Shiraz) to provide customers with a wide range of natural stones of exceptional quality.

export voonid cargo container

Quality, Accuracy and Commitment

voonid Beyond Expectations

We are proud to be recognized as a leading company in the stone industry and hope to continue our success in the future by providing quality services and satisfying our customers.

As a mining and exporting company, we pride ourselves on fulfilling all orders and contracts with the utmost quality and precision.
Our commitment to quality:

  • Use of modern and advanced equipment
  • Employment of experienced and qualified specialists
Our commitment to customers:
Strict adherence to the timing of order delivery
Providing competitive and reasonable prices



have been executed under the best conditions.



for production and order acceptance.


Voonid, a mining group with export capabilities, is renowned for its efficiency, high standards, and commitment to sustainability.

Continuously available

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Sustainable Production

Advanced equipment ensure our stone production is sustainable and continuous.

Voonid Worldwide Export

Worldwide Export

Voonid Group Proudly Exporting Quality Products to Every Corner of the World

Voonid-High Velocity

High Velocity

Our company excels in high-velocity production and delivery of stone blocks.

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