Kinds of Cryptocurrency – VI

Kinds of Cryptocurrency – VI


NEO is the first decentralized and opensource cryptocurrency in
China, which was founded by Da Hongfei. Neo is a cryptocurrency and blockchain platform at the same time, it was launched in 2014 as ‘Antshares’ and debranbed last June 2017 as ‘NEO’. Neo can support 10,000 transactions per second – using the Byzantine Fault Tolerance (Dbft) consensus mechanism.


This cryptocurrency was first introduce in September 9, 2017, and
was founded by the TRON Foundation – a non-profit organization from Singapore. Tron is also a decentralized open-sourced cryptocurrency, but has a feature of an application. Tron’s technology is a storage facility that allows users access content in every part of the world, without any assistance from Google Play Store. It also allows content creators to earn from sharing their content.


Steem is a blockchain-based social media platform where you can
earn rewards. It was launched in July 2016 and currently has 70,000 users, from then Steemit has grown considerably. Steem is very much different than the other cryptocurrencies, it has a built-in inflation of 100% annually without any coin limit. Steem supports online communities and even social media platforms by giving rewards through virtual currency.

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