Kinds of Cryptocurrency – V

Kinds of Cryptocurrency – V


Zcashis launched by Roger Ver, Barry Seibert, and the Pantera
Capital in October 28 2016.Zcash is a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency, it uses a special secured network called ‘zk-snark’. This special feature allows the network to maintain and secure the ledger without disclosing the amounts in every transaction.


Jed McCaleb the co-founder of Ripple is the founder of this Stellar Cryptocurrency, which is also a payment technology. Stellar is almost the same as the other payment technologies a decentralized server runs the network with a distributed ledger the is updated every 2-5 seconds. It does not only depend on miners, instead it uses Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA) Algorithm, which helps for a faster transaction.


NEM is launched in March 31,2015 as a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency
and blockchain platform, written in Java and C++ programing
language. NEM stands for ‘New Economy Movement’, unlike most cryptocurrencies NEM have its own consensus algorithm. This can prevent attacks against the network and all the trasnactions made. NEM aims to create a smart asset blockchain, which can perform heavy workloads.

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