Best Wallets to Try

Best Wallets to Try

1. Coinbase– This online wallet was founded by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam in the year 2011. The company launched buy and sellbitcoin services in October 2013 This application operates exchanges of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. This cryptocurrency has already assisted 10 million customers, and transacts worth $50 billion worth of digitalcurrency exchanges so far according to their site.

2. Electrum– This is one of the most popular Bitcoin wallet online. It
is beneficial to both beginners and experts – focuses on
speed and simplicity using low resource of usage. This electronic
wallet can handle complicated parts of Bitcoin system by the use of
remote servers. If ever you lose the wallet online during a computer
crash, you can easily recover the wallet using a secret phrase.

3. Trezor– Trezor is the first hardware wallet in the market, and the
first to implement the passphrase feature. The passphrase feature
secures the funds and if ever the owner loss the device. Trezor is an
small device designed to protect private keys from possible hacking

4. Nano Ledger S– This wallet support almost all the popular
cryptocurrencies and allow you to store. It has an special feature that
can store 2 kinds of currency at the same time in the same wallet,
unlike others that allows only one.

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